Your Letters
Quality & Security

We take your words and transcribe them on to a quality parchment paper so as to reflect the value of those words and the sentiment within them.  We also, where possible, identify your family crest so as to bring added value to the finished item and a sense of ownership and family strength to the letter or letters you write.

There are five main elements to the confidentiality and security of this most personal and extremely private service.

  • The scribes and artists have no idea as to who their client is, or their contact details, as they have only a job number to work with, thus adding to the confidentiality and security of the client and this most precious gift that has been entrusted to us.

  • We destroy any copies of the drafted letter immediately after the client receives the completed works and confirms by e-mail that the package is now in their care.

  • We do not share the client’s details with anyone at any time.

  • We do not share the information even within our own company interests.

  • The package is delivered sealed in a padded envelope marked to be opened by addressee only.  This delivery can only be accepted and signed for by the client named on the secure package.  This way the client can secure the contents or share them as they see fit.

  • Once received, the client may place the letter or letters with their Will and other private documents or with their solicitor and Bankers etc.  Therefore the future security of the letter is in the client’s hands as we do not offer a storage service as we feel this is a very important and confidential matter that should be under the control of the client only.

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