The Last Letter

Lest we forget


A love for our families is the one human trait that we all share.  However, how often do we think about the emotional turmoil that we may leave behind, should our lives be prematurely cut short? There are many things that we can leave behind: a house, a car, money or maybe a treasured watch or ring, but what if you could leave something that was a part of you and very personal?


The Last Letter project has been designed to meet that very personal need.  When someone passes away, how often do we hear people use the phrase...?


 “There was so much that I wanted to say,”


The Last Letter Project is your opportunity to say what is in your heart, using this special gift for those you love, those whom you leave behind, that have to face a future without you.


Your personal Last Letter uses your own words, which are then transcribed onto bespoke materials and sealed in a manner that fully reflects the quality of your message. In this way you can reach out and touch those you love and leave something that is far more valuable than any material possessions.

In life, some people touch your heart, while those we love can touch our very soul.

The ability to leave your heart

& soul, in your own words.


The Last Letter

Lest we forget


Client Brochure

We wanted to share the project in granular detail, so we have built a free client information pack that outlines what we offer and the benefits of making a simple Will whilst also adding a letter or letters to your loved ones.

Wills Advice

Everyone has questions, what if, and how do I.  So to help all visitors to the site we offer a free to download advice pack. Apart from advice and guidance, it has a number of free templates that will help in your planning.

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